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No Credit Check Loans for People with Bad Credit

The no credit check loans are generally the unsecured loans that are offered with no credit score perusal. For over the years, the loan providers used to check the credit history of the borrowers in order to approve the loan application. It has been a crucial process because people with good credit scores always find comfortable to get the loans whereas those with poor score usually struggle.

Credit Lenders does not consider your credit score into its decision-making procedure. Instead, it accepts other factors like income status, or guarantor to approve the loan applications. As part of the FinTech lending world in UK, we usually think that the past credit mistakes should not spoil the present funding opportunities and it can be reflected in our policy of payday loans with no credit check.

A low credit score is a temporary problem and can improve with having perfect opening.

Bad Credit Can Apply for Loans without Credit Check?

As a responsible loan provider, Credit Lenders welcomes everyone to avail its loan benefits and fix up all the financial issues on an immediate basis. On general terms, these people can apply, who are:

  • First time borrowers with no credit score
  • Borrowers with poor credit record
  • Borrowers with no guarantor

We understand the concern of first time borrowers and thus they have liberty to borrow money despite no credit record. The interest rates are also flexible along with easy repayment schedule.

Having a poor credit score certainly creates obstacles in the way of borrowing funds. This is why we are lot different from other loan providers. We follow soft credit check policy towards the bad credit scorers where they can easily get funds. In addition, our flexible repayment terms allow them to improve their credit histories.

Are Loans with No Credit Check or Guarantors Safe?

Analysing the lenders and their policies is always a good practice, and as a responsible lender, we also suggest the same to our borrowers. Our soft credit check with no guarantor approach has helped a number of individuals in reviving their overall credit profile. Too many credit checks would only make it worse and we do not want the same to our customers.

Believe us and apply now, we are easy to find with ‘no credit check loans from direct lender’: Our deal has following benefits –

  • Easy qualifying criteria
  • Online application procedure
  • No collateral
  • Same day fund transfer
  • No upfront charges

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Loans in the UK with No Credit Check and No Guarantor? We Offer

Credit check is the very first thing to come in your way when you apply for a loan. However, not for all this is a good thing to experience. Bad credit people and first time borrowers, both find credit perusal or check, a difficult to bear situation. For a bad credit it may become the cause of degrade in credit ratings and for a first time borrowers, have no credit history is the issue. We at Credit Lenders deeply understand this concern and provide loans without any examination of credit records. Short-term in nature, these loans have no obligation of guarantor. You will find our name unavoidable among the lenders of the loans in the UK with no credit check and no guarantor.

It is good to have no search footprint on your financial records. Later when the repayments start, you repay the instalments on time. With this bad credit transform into good credit score and in case of first time borrowing, it becomes possible to create a credit profile. Both the situations are favourable as the credit reference agencies get something positive on your finances. This is good for financial future and it becomes easy to take decisions on money matters with no fear of any constraint.

Based on borrowing £10,000 over 5 years
Loan Amount: £10,000
Interest Rate: 7.49%
Lender Fee: £525
Interest: £2126.00
Total Repayable: £12,651.00
Monthly Payment: £210.85
Representative APR: 12.7% variable

Based on borrowing £5,000 over 5 years
Loan Amount: £5,000
Interest Rate: 9.99%
Lender Fee: £525
Interest: £1502.20
Total Repayable: £7027.20
Monthly Payment: £117.12
Representative APR: 21.2% variable