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What are No Guarantor Loans?

As the name suggests, these loans facilitate funds without the backing of a guarantor. The tenure is small and the limit to borrow would be between £500 and £10000. To be precise, you can borrow them for short-term needs. The noticeable part of the interest rates in the loans without guarantor does not create any worry as the feature of personalised pricing keeps the deal affordable. Credit Lenders offers these loans with an aim to provide a smooth assistance to the borrowers during their tough times. We are concerned about your financial concerns and try to find the best possible ways to serve them.

Types of No Guarantor Loans

No guarantor funding pairs quite well with other types of loans and creates some effective financial solutions. For instance -

  • Bad credit loans - If you have poor credit and want to borrow funds, then the direct lender has something to offer you i.e. loans for bad credit with no guarantor, no fees and on instant decision.
  • Payday loans - These are the loans where we take approval decision in a few seconds and do fund disbursal in a few minutes. If your need is as urgent as last minute, you can consider payday loans. Either you have to pay off the whole amount on the next salary day after borrowing the funds or you have to pay instalments when receiving income on each month until the loan is paid off.
  • Unemployed loans - A ray of hope after the job loss. With latest salary slip and most recent bank statements, you can qualify to avail funds. We can assure the loan approval based on your repayment capacity that can be defined through showing the offer letter (if you have) of the new job or through your extra income like rent or freelancing.
  • No credit check loans - The borrowers who want to avoid search footprint on their credit record can apply for these loans. Usually very bad credit borrowers prefer such choices. Thus, they always prefer taking that advantage of no credit check while applying for very bad credit loans with no guarantor from direct lender like us.
  • Wedding loans - Make your special day more special with no worries of expenses. Borrow fund for wedding without any support from a second person to be your guarantor.

Loans Without a Guarantor - What Are The Benefits?

The list of benefits is promising and also rational. The whole nature of the funding without guarantor serves to precise purposes.

  • No fear of any legal action - There is no fear of any legal action on you and your guarantor in case of any delay in repayments. It is a safer way to borrow funds.
  • Available for all short-term purposes - Not every time you need big amount, in fact short-term needs are more frequent during which these loans can help you ALWAYS.
  • No Broker’s help required - Easy availability of the loans keeps the borrowers away from the broker’s help. Direct lenders like us have a vast online occurrence and we let you to apply for even very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker.
  • Borrow funds on your own affordability - It can be embarrassing to request people to be your guarantor. With such loans, it is easy to avail funds on your own affordability and with dignity.
  • Fill the gaps in monthly budget - If due to any unexpected situation your monthly budget shows inability to encapsulate a new expense then guarantor-free funding can come to your rescue.
  • Shifting to a new city become easy - If you have shifted to a new city completely stranger to you with no helping hand in finances, try no guarantor funds.

Can I get a loan for bad credit with no guarantor?

As the direct lending is the synonym of flexible lending, you can get loans for bad credit with no guarantor required.

Following conditions can help to get an easy approval -

  • The very obvious is the repayment capacity.
  • Inconsistent poor credit history is a more helpful situation.
  • Try some ways to improve credit rating as it brings smooth approval. Close unused credit cards, store cards, bank accounts, as they consume credit score. Also, fulfil the financial commitments on time.

By the way, we also facilitate funding for the borrowers with no credit check option.

Application procedure - How to apply

As simple as you can expect. The loan procedure completes in only three steps.

  1. Apply - Fill and submit our simple application with basic financial and personal details.
  2. Get approval decision - Within minutes of submission of application, you get a decision of approval.
  3. Receive funds online - Once approved, the funds reach to your account in a short time.
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How can I get a loan with no guarantor?

This is quite a general question in every type of loan with a common answer every time. Credit Lenders UK processes the loan application based on the repayment capacity of the applicant. For that, the borrower needs to:

  • Present salary slip
  • Latest bank statement

The core idea is to prove your financial efficiency to afford a loan product. Better you perform on this aspect, brighter are your chances to get approval.

How Much You Can Borrow with No Guarantor Loans?

We are here as the highly trustable online lending hub where you have the ideal opportunity to avail loans without guarantor. Deals are available for every Briton, who aspires for a hassle-free financial life. There is absolutely no issue whether you have a bad credit score or have not employed somewhere.

If your capacity permits, you can easily borrow funds up to £10000 by applying one of our deals on unemployed loans. But remember, you should confirm how you repay that amount under the prescribed limit.

Some of the vital LOAN FEATURES are:

  • We provide that amount with no credit check policy and thus reaching at that large section of the people, who are facing issues like low credit scores.
  • Borrowers do not need to pay any upfront fee. It is against our ethics to put extra burden to the already cluttered finances of our clients.
  • Guaranteed approval is assured to each loan application. We have full trust on our customers that they repay the amount in time and make us more proud to fund them.
  • The loan procedure is completely online, which let away unnecessary paperwork making more convenient for the borrowers to lodge their loan request.

What is The Criteria?

Not much to worry on this part. A very basic and brief list is there to get eligible to apply for the loan.

  • Age should be minimum 18 years
  • A mobile number
  • Bank account
  • Address proof
  • UK residency proof


Your trust on us is our biggest strength and for that, we give efforts to stay equipped with the best possible features, which give you reasons to rely on us.

  • High approval rate allows more and more people to feed their financial concerns. Our score of approval is 9/10, which means 9 are approved.
  • Competitive rates that never go illogical
  • Customised loan deals according to the financial efficiency of the customers.
  • Procedure is simple
  • Fund disbursement in a short time
  • Funding options are also available for very bad credit people
  • No upfront fee
  • No prepayment penalty

No Guarantor Loans FAQs

The way to get such loan is not difficult. You just need to follow several tips and then get what you want.

  • Search online for the ‘no credit check loans without guarantor’.
  • Compare the lender on the parameters of interest rates, loan tenure, repayment plans, APR.
  • Finalise a lender.
  • Apply with a good repayment capacity by showing your income proof and recent bank details.

If your repay capacity is good against the loan amount, it is possible to get funds without guarantor despite bad credit. Another point that makes things easier is the inconsistent bad credit rating. If poor credit situation is irregular, you not only get funds but also get better relaxation on the interest rates.

Unfortunately, no. Being a guarantor, you are a support for the lender to whom it can come and get a backup in case of any issue on repayments. You may not have an excellent credit score i.e. 961-999 but at least good credit rating 881-960 is necessary.

Certainly, a lender depends a lot on the guarantor and for that, it is necessary to check the reliability. In the world of finance, that reliability is judged through the credit score performance, which is examined through credit check.

What is the difference between a guarantor and a co-signer?

Usually borrowers treat both as same but there is a clear difference between these two.

Guarantor Co-signer
A guarantor is the backup in case of any default or delay in repayments by the main borrower. A co-signer is equally responsible for the repayments but also has equal right on the borrowed amount.
In case of any issue, the lenders cannot directly ask the guarantor to repay. They must first exhaust all the other options to get the instalments for the prime borrower. Lenders have every right to take every legal action if a regular delay or default happens.