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Payday Loans on Online & Same Day Benefits

Are surprising expenses dismantling the balance of your monthly budget? Taking such situation lightly may not help you much rather you should be inclining towards the small term finance, for instance payday loans.

Credit Lenders is a dedicated lending place that represents the most effective and affordable online lenders belonging to the FinTech sector in the UK. Our payday loans follow the path of 100% approval and instant fund disbursal.

You can apply loans from your laptop, tablet or Smartphone because we accept ONLINE APPLICATION and transfer the money with just one click. However, you need to provide us some basic information like employment status, bank account and residential proof. We ensure that your information is safe and secure with us.

The prospective borrowers should be familiar with our approval process, which does not take too much time to complete. Once they submit the applications, we quickly verify all the mentioned details whether they match to our lending criteria or not. We request our borrowers that they should read all the terms and conditions before using our website. Once satisfied with the details, we transfer the funds on the same day to their respective bank accounts.

Criteria to Qualify for Loans

You come here because you have many expectations from us and now it is our turn to fulfil each of those. Our following lending criteria will suit to everyone:

  • Age should be above 18 years of age
  • Only UK residents can apply
  • Employment Status is Compulsory
  • A valid bank account
  • A valid email ID and contact number
  • No CCJ judgement, bankruptcy charges and existing debts

Credit Lenders Allows You to Borrow Desired Amount

You are here because you have found something unique here. Yes, it is true. We do not mind whether you have a bad credit or no guarantor is there to back you. The desired amount is there to obtain and so does your financial revival.

It is obvious that the prescribed amount will differ from first time borrowers to the existing ones. For the first time borrowers, we have set the limit of £500, while existing customers can easily get funds up to the £1000 depending upon their financial requirements.

Is there any opportunity for Unemployed also?

YES. Don’t feel surprised, we have opened our lending doors for the people, who are living with a tag of unemployment. We belong to the FinTech lending and thus following the flexible lending is our way of working.

We do provide instant payday loans for unemployed people but on one condition that they must have cleared interview for the next job. It means they can repay the amount whenever they get first salary from the new company. The interest rates may be higher but not much to bother you. And remember, we demand no upfront fees for any of our services.

If you want to apply for a payday loan, then Credit Lenders should be your first choice. We have personalised loan deals that are lot cheaper than others are.

Based on borrowing £10,000 over 5 years
Loan Amount: £10,000
Interest Rate: 7.49%
Lender Fee: £525
Interest: £2126.00
Total Repayable: £12,651.00
Monthly Payment: £210.85
Representative APR: 12.7% variable

Based on borrowing £5,000 over 5 years
Loan Amount: £5,000
Interest Rate: 9.99%
Lender Fee: £525
Interest: £1502.20
Total Repayable: £7027.20
Monthly Payment: £117.12
Representative APR: 21.2% variable